Useful conversion widget for all the major units


  • Quick conversions
  • Presents multiple results
  • Easy to use
  • Free


  • No way to select which units you want to convert from
  • Doesn't handle measurements in stones

Very good

If you travel a lot or do business in different units, there's always the perennial problem of how to convert measurements into a size that you can understand.

qwikConvert is a highly-useful widget, which instantly converts dozens of different units so that you never need be confused again. With qwikCONVERT, simply enter the amount you want to convert and the abbreviation of the units (e.g. 'lbs' for 'pounds') and you will instantly see conversions into all other units.

I like the way qwikConvert presents the list of results in various other measurements although it is rather frustrating when you don't know how to abbreviate a measurement. For example, I tried to convert from 'stones' and there is no abbreviation (and apparently no conversion for this particular measurement anyway). It would be useful if there were some indication of exactly which units qwikiConvert can handle. You can also customize the skin and text color to keep quickConvert looking fresh.

qwikConvert is a handy tool for anyone that needs to perform instant conversions without scrolling through long measurement unit lists.

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